The difference between healthy and looking ‘good’ is something I’m so passionate about. For so long I have strived to be skinny. I wanted to get as skinny as I could. and I did.

I’ve been really skinny and unhealthy and I’ve been really big and unhealthy. No matter what size you are you can be unhealthy. I used to do so many unhealthy things to stay skinny. I was miserable. Miserable. Now at the place where I’m at, I’m definitely not the skinniest I’ve been, but I am the healthiest I have been. I have energy, and I’m happy because I’m not hangry all the time. It’s amazing. But also with not trying to be skinny and trying to be healthy doesn’t mean eat what ever you want. Its enjoying foods that are good and make your body happy. Sticking to mainly a plant based diet has changed my life. Working out is something that’s so important for my physical and mental health. I swear, just starting with making the healthiest choices and working out will change your life, not your appearance, your life. Healthy is hot.

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