I’ve gotten asked before, If you’re so confident and love yourself as you are why do you wear makeup? 

I sometimes wear a lot, a lot and a lot of makeup! I will wing my eye liner till I’m flying away, and other times, I don’t wear any at all. I used to not be able to leave the house without wearing makeup. I used to hate the way I looked without it. 

 If I had to be somewhere at like 6am, I would wake up at 4 to make sure I had a full face on. Honestly, makeup is amazing. It is an art and a way to express yourself. But I have discovered you don’t need it to be beautiful, you just don’t. Your beautiful exactly the way you are. That sounds like such a cliche but I’ve learned that beauty isn’t us being perfect. Beauty is all our imperfections mixed with our uniqueness. Beauty isn’t defined by,your brows being on fleak or the biggest lips.  Maybe what makes you so beautiful is all of your perfect little imperfect mixed up into one. I can finally say I’m happy and confident in mine, and I hope you can be too. Because there’s nothing more freeing then when you realize how loved and valued you are. You were designed exactly how you were with purpose. That’s so cool there’s only one of you that looks like you. Don’t start changing what makes you naturally beautiful to fit unrealistic beauty standards that this world outs on us.

Well my answer to the question above is….. its Fun. Its also fun to express yourself, throw some glitter on, highlight till you blind people. I love expressing myself through makeup. It can be such a fun art to play with. Like anything it’s a healthy balance.

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